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Things to do

Art and Culture

Rossano is a Byzantine town with a great history. Among the most important places to see we recommend the San Marco Church , masterpiece of the holy Byzantine architecture in Calabria together with the Stilo's Cattolica. We also suggest to visit the Cattedrale Church , within which you can admire a SS. Achiropita fresco, the Codex Purpureus , a very valuable Greek holy manuscript (VI century) written on a purple-red parchment with golden and silver ink, and the S. Angelo Castle . Very intresting can be also to visit the Amarelli licorice factory and its museum. Not far from Rossano, surrounded by a luxuriant wood, our guests can admire the Pathirion Monastery , whose church perserves a wonderful mosaic floor.

In Corigliano we recommend to visit the Ducal Castle, which is one of the most beautiful and best perserved castles in all Southern Italy.

In about 20 minutes by car from Rossano our guests can also reach the famous archeological sites of Sibari and Castiglione di Paludi.

Sport, nature and adventure

The mountains of Rossano offer many trekking courses. The “I giganti di Cozzo del Pesco” natural oasis, a centuries-old chestnut wood, offers an amazing landscape where our guests can take an healthy walk, whether on their own or with an expert tour guide. Not far is the Sila State Park. Our guests can also go rafting on the Lao river or hike over the Raganello river gorges .

For those who love water theme parks, in 15 minutes by car Acquapark Odissea 2000 can be reached.

All the excursions can easily be booked in Pathirion B&B.

Wine, Food and Entertainment

In Rossano our guests will be able to taste traditional Calabrian dishes, fresh fish and our tasty wine in the many pubs and restaurants located in the old town center, in the town or along the seafront. In the summer nights we suggest to have a drink while listening to some good music onshore or to join some of the events (exhibitions, concerts, shows, country festivals) you will find on the “Estate Rossanese” program.

During the Christmas season the old town center livens up thank to the local Christmas markets, shows, nativity scene exhibitions and taste itineraries.


The area of Rossano is covered with beaches, whether free or provided with beach facilities, and yet our guests can also enjoy the peace of the countryside or the cool air of the mountains.

Rossano's Municipality website: www.comune.rossano.cs.it

Rossano's Tourism Department website: www.rossanoturismo.it

Rossano's Tourism Association website: www.prolocorossano.it
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Marco Fiume Blues Passion (Luglio)

Fuochi di S. Marco (Notte del 24 Aprile)

Festa del Patire (3°venerd́ di Maggio)

Festa di S.Nilo, Patrono di Rossano (26 Settembre)

Festa dell'Achiropita (15 Agosto)

Congreghe di Pasqua